The number of people arriving at St. Felix Pantry is increasing daily.  We need to increase our donations to feed them.  You can donate through PayPal.  We are grateful for any donation you can make.  Thank you.

Jack Bunting Addresses Human Dignity


Who Does St. Felix Pantry Serve?

The Pantry serves all counties in New Mexico. 

  • 56% (105, 618) are adults - (unemployed, disabled, Veterans, senior citizens and female heads of households)
  • 44% (82,197) are children
  • Over 84% are extremely low income (84.82% or 40, 945 households)
  • 54% are Hispanic

Welcome To St. Felix Pantry

St. Felix Pantry is a nonprofit charitable organization incorporated in 1992. For well over twenty years, the Pantry has been a safety net for people struggling to support their families in times of crisis. We provide, free of charge, food, clothing, household items, and referral services.

But people served by the Pantry need more than food, clothing, and household items; they need respect for their dignity, compassion for their suffering, hope for their children, and a place that welcomes and empowers them for their journey. These are the real gifts of the Pantry.

The need for these services has grown in relationship to the economic downturn: loss of jobs, rise in food and fuel costs, and recent cutbacks in welfare and healthcare benefits. Weekly, the pantry provides food for 1000 clients/households per week.  Download an informational flyer about the pantry to learn more.


"The St. Felix Pantry is lovingly sponsored by the Felician Sisters.  We envision a future where everyone in New Mexico has access to nutritious food." 


Annual SFP International Festival

To become a sponsor of this event, contact or call 505-270-1366.

Hometown Hero

Celebrate 'Hometown Hero' Chris Malneritch from St. Felix Pantry