Who Does St. Felix Pantry Serve?

The Pantry serves all counties in New Mexico. 

  • 56% (105, 618) are adults - (unemployed, disabled, Veterans, senior citizens and female heads of households)
  • 44% (82,197) are children
  • Over 84% are extremely low income (84.82% or 40, 945 households)
  • 54% are Hispanic
The number of people arriving at St. Felix Pantry is increasing daily, and especially during the holiday season.  We need to increase our donations to feed them.  You can donate through PayPal.  We are grateful for any donation you can make.  Thank you.



May 20, 2016 - 8:00 AM
The Canyon Club


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Welcome To St. Felix Pantry

St. Felix Pantry is a nonprofit charitable organization incorporated in 1992. For well over twenty years, the Pantry has been a safety net for people struggling to support their families in times of crisis. We provide, free of charge, food, clothing, household items, and referral services.

But people served by the Pantry need more than food, clothing, and household items; they need respect for their dignity, compassion for their suffering, hope for their children, and a place that welcomes and empowers them for their journey. These are the real gifts of the Pantry.

The need for these services has grown in relationship to the economic downturn: loss of jobs, rise in food and fuel costs, and recent cutbacks in welfare and healthcare benefits. Weekly, the pantry provides food for 1000 clients/households per week.  Download an informational flyer about the pantry to learn more.


Thank You 2015 Thanksgiving Volunteers and Our Community

For one day, the poor, the disabled and the elderly were the focus of attention in Sandoval County as a team of individuals from across the community joined to celebrate Thanksgiving in Rio Rancho.  There’s more than just burgers and fries at Julian Garza’a McDonalds restaurant on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year,” said Jack Bunting, President and CEO of the St. Felix Pantry as long lines of people streamed into the dining room on Highway 528.” Bunting adds,  “and that’s the way it should be, celebrating and sharing our abundance on Thanksgiving.” In attendance to show community wide support and to serve up the traditional turkey dinner was Mayor Greg Hull and Carrie Bradley.

It was a cold morning in the city and yet a line of people snaked from the parking lot into the front door of the McDonalds restaurant owned by Julian Garza, a long time friend and supporter of St. Felix Pantry. Our guests eventually found a seat at one of the tables. This year, St. Felix Pantry provided Thanksgiving dinner to 613 people. Also, we had over 81 volunteers from the community that decided to spend thanks giving serving others who are needy and who also happen to live in the same community.

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"The St. Felix Pantry is lovingly sponsored by the Felician Sisters.  We envision a future where everyone in New Mexico has access to nutritious food." 



St. Felix Pantry Wish List

  • Currently Needed Items:
    New 2 drawer file cabinet
    New front reception desk
    New or slightly used fireproof file cabinet
    Outside Donation collection bin

  • Capital Items Needed:
    New truck, Parking Lot repaved and striped, Exterior building repainted, covered portal, new signage for the Pantry.

  • Food and Supplies Items: (Please no expired cans of food)
    Fresh fruits and vegetables
    Canned foods (vegetables,  beans, stews, soups, tuna, chicken, ham)
    Turkeys and Hams for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays
    Jellies, Jams and Peanut Butter
    Grains (cereals, rice, pasta, dried beans)
    Pies, cakes, pudding cups and other dessert items
    Children friendly food (Granola bars, crackers, cookies, and candies)
    Toys for children and youth
    Dog food, cat food and pet treats
    Baby products (Diapers, wipes, formula, infant foods, lotions and powders)

  • Paper and Household items we can ALWAYS use include: Toilet tissue, aluminum foil, tissues, paper towels, bar soap, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher detergent, liquid laundry soap, shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, coffee, cooking oil, etc.  

We can also accept frozen foods, fresh produce, cheese, eggs and other perishable items including grocery store prepared meals. 

For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 505-270-1366.

Jack Bunting Addresses Human Dignity



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For one day, the poor, the disabled and the elderly were the focus of attention in Sandoval County as a team of individuals from across the...

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